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Starting as simple tap2link—became a universal clubbing and networking tool.

Originally, we were commissioned to develop an access card for the exclusive Düsseldorf club Paradise Now. The central question was: How can access and membership in a club be controlled in a modern way? The idea for the tap2link app with optional NFC card was born—and we took it one step further until we came up with the comprehensive concept of a multifunctional digital business card.

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outcomes in NUMBERS


increased club membership


more social media traffic


new users


With tap2link, contact data, links or even social media profiles can be shared simply by tapping. The smart NFC card is the eye-catcher at every event. The user's own profile can be updated at any time via the web app.


Instant data exchange

The tap2link cards contain an RFID chip that enables data to be exchanged with NFC-enabled smartphones in seconds via tap. We have developed a native tap2link app for profile management and other settings. This can be used to transfer data to other smartphones even without an NFC card.


Minimalist design

tap2link is also a style element. The high-quality processed cards have a noble minimalist design as standard. If required, they can be customized to almost 100%, for example to match the CI of a club or company.


Adaptable corporate solutions

The individual functions of tap2link can be used in a modular fashion for a wide variety of areas. For example, a company can provide its employees with business cards that can also be used as access cards at company events.


Versatility unleashed

This flexibility constantly opens up new business areas and target groups—from influencers who can share all their content via a central platform to stores that can provide their customers with coupons or special offers.


Our journey with tap2link was more than a design project; it was a collaborative venture that redefined how we perceive connectivity in the modern world.

By seamlessly blending innovation, aesthetics, and functionality, we contributed to the creation of an elegant and tech-forward solution.

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