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While the project is gaining momentum and attracting more and more new users, a need for a new website covering everything tap2link can offer became obvious. And here it is!

To present tap2link business cards, we designed and built a website on Webflow, one of the leading no-code platforms on the market today. This site is viewed as a link that connects users with the product and show them almost limitless possibilities of the card. To walk our users through all the exciting features that were prepared for them, we’ve provided them with in-depth explanations supported by vivid yet informative graphic elements and animation.

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The design is ready to shine like a diamond. To launch the website as soon as possible, we decided to build it on Webflow, a widespread no-code tool for web-design.


Bite-sized content

To properly prepare the content, we used Notion, which allowed us to get the best results. So take your time and discover all the features of the t2l business card piece by piece.


Screen perfection

Large and immersive or small and compact? It’s up to you to decide which one suits you best, as the t2l website looks top-notch on all screens. Enjoy amazing experiences on laptops, tablets and even the smallest smartphones.


Effortless navigation

Our team portioned content into smaller, digestible and thematically connected parts that are easy to learn and navigate.


Web design for tap2link was not merely about presenting information but creating an immersive digital experience.

It mirrors the elegance of the product itself, making tap2link's online presence a testament to the seamless synergy of sophisticated technology and sophisticated web design.

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